Workplace FREEDOM

Thought you would enjoy this new video a donor from the Cincinnati area funded to support our citizen’s initiative to make Ohio a Right to Work state – what we call Workplace Freedom. 

Video: Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment: Giving Workers Freedom to Choose

It perfectly captures the sentiment of our amendment – that it is immoral and wrong to force people to pay dues to a union just to have a job. We know this sentiment is popular as we have collected over 17,000 signatures for our amendment in Ohio’s most unionized county alone, Lucas County and Toledo.  Great job John McAvoy!

We chose this message because freedom of choice for workers polls off the charts across Ohio!

Energized by Indiana and Michigan becoming workplace freedom states, grass roots people are moving forward in a big way to make Ohio a Workplace Freedom state, confident in our ability to place this issue before Ohio voters.

We understand the political complexities for Republican leaders on this issue, and while we would be happy to work with them – they have chosen to steer clear of this issue. That means it’s up to the citizens of Ohio to move this issue forward!

Our cause is just, our message is popular and the impact of our work could not be more important to Ohio and the nation’s future.

With great confidence and courage, we move forward on the greatest cause of our lifetime – securing Workplace Freedom for Ohio.

More news coming soon!!

Chris Littleton, Ohioans for Workplace Freedom
Twitter: @ohworkfreedom


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