Calendar of Events

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UA 9-12 Monthly Meeting

Feb. 21, UA912 Meeting: 9:30-11:30 AM
MCL Cafeteria, Kingsdale Shopping Ctr.
Upper Arlington

Guest Speaker: Jason Hart of
Topic: Chronicling the Decline

Please note the change in our meeting time. We will be experimenting with Saturday morning meeting times. As noted in the headline, we will have our first meeting this coming Saturday, Feb. 21, 9:30-11:30 AM at MCL Cafeteria in UA Kingsdale Shopping Center. The UA912 Group will provide coffee/tea/cinnamon rolls. Our guest speaker is Jason Hart, a local “blogger” who reminds me of what could be characterized as a local Matt Drudge. Jason is noted for his honest investigative courage and incisive reports posted originally at MediaTrackers and now at Ohio WatchDog. His address to UA912, Chronicling the Decline will put “perspective” to issues the “legacy press” ignores or is afraid to touch: Kasich’s pursuit of Medicaid Expansion for Ohio, Kasich’s tax proposals, labor reform and much more. Please circle the date and new time and join us for the opportunity to socialize and be enlightened! Bring a friend!

We will be adding a short segment at the end of our meetings, “A Muslim Moment in History”, presenting facts on Islam based on writings by William Federer.

**Mark your calendar for the upcoming UA912 meetings:

Monday evening, March 23: Josh Mandel, Treasurer of State of Ohio
Saturday morning, April 25: J. D. Winteregg



For those of you who missed the Worthington/Westerville TeaParty/UA912 sponsored talk of Trevor Loudon on Monday, 2/3/14  @ the Worthington Library on Hard Road, here is Roy Wagner’s video documentation of the event.  It will be playing the last 20 minutes or so of this video at our meeting this month. The talk was fabulous and you are encouraged to view its entirety and forward it around to family and friends.

Start at the 59 minute mark for the Inspirational conclusion where Trevor is asking us to give just two and a half more years of effort to save this country.   Then, if you are interested, take an hour and 20 minutes to view the entire video!


Meetings are scheduled for the UA 9-12 Group in February, March and April of 2015



Upper Arlington School Board Meetings
Second Monday of every month

Upper Arlington City Council Meetings
Second Monday of every month, 7:30 PM


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